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Based on Framework7 Core v7

Nectar is built on the top of Framework7 Core v7 – a fully-featured, free and open-source framework for developing web, mobile, and desktop apps with native look and feel.

Google's Material Design

Provide your users the best experience on Android with native look and feel using Google's Material Design.

Apple's Cupertino Design

Provide your users the best experience on iOS with native look and feel using Apple's Cupertino Design.

Framework7's Aurora Design

Provide your users the best experience on Desktop using Framework7's Aurora Design.

Multiple Devices & Screen Resolutions

Design responsive layout for your app supporting devices with different sizes and screen resolutions – mobiles, tablets or desktops.

Multiple Navigation Patterns

Navigate your users within the app using two different navigation patterns – Sidebar and Tabbar.

Unlimited Colors & Dark Mode

Style your app by choosing from 19 pre-built theme colors or apply any custom color matching your brand, with support for both Light & Dark modes.

Internationalization & RTL Support

Build your app for users around the world by localizing your user interface in various languages.

Progressive Web App Ready

Add functionalities such as offline working, push notifications to your web app with the help of service workers and provide your users the best of both worlds – the web and the app.

Hybrid App Ready

Convert your mobile web app into native mobile app for Android or iOS using Apache Cordova.

Desktop App Ready

Convert your web app into native desktop app for Windows, Linux, or macOS using Electron.


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Basic building blocks for creating beautiful and intuitive UI/UX.



Ready-to-use screens built using various components.


Web APIs

Access to native device and platform functionalities via JavaScript.


Cordova Plugins

Access to native device and platform functionalities via Cordova.



Integrations for popular third-party services right out-of-the-box.


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Google's Material Design


Apple's Cupertino Design


Framework7's Aurora Design



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